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I have placed two orders now for some polo shirts and a tee shirt. I just have to say the quality of the Polo shirts and the Tee shirts are of the highest quality. The embroidered logo you put on is also very high quality. Thank you. Finally someone can make a quality product! My hat is off to you, Bravo! I will be ordering more soon.


Received the 390th Wild Boar hat late yesterday and I love it! The Gunfighter on the back is a awesome touch too...great job!

Thanks much....I can’t wait to send it on to a true Gunfighter...(Name Deleted)

Happy New Year to you and yours and thanks again!

-390th Family Friend


The shirts are all wonderful. Absolutely awesome!! Couldn't be happier. Don't throw out the templates, LOL!! They fit perfect and the images are
all nicely positioned, and rich with color. Any they breath! :) Even my wife, who calls me a war monger, likes them. Many thanks.
-USN Veteran


Hello Mr. Larsen,

I just wanted to let you know I donated $30.00 to the Wounded Warrior Project in both your name and your company name.

Thank you again for your excellent customer service.
- Veteran

Rob got the shirts today. Just want to say you've done a super job. Everyone one of them is beyond exceptional on the work you've done. Once again thank you. I have your number for other shirts. Awesome job!
-USAF 59th FS / 60th FS

Thanks Rob. You made a incredible job here. Thank you so much!
-525th Fighter Squadron

Thank you for the great shirts & very fast shipping. Excellent communications also. We wore our Dover AFB shirts to the air show this weekend. Thank you again for the great store and wonderful products.
-Dover AFB
Beautiful work. Thank you so much. Really Appreciate the time and effort you put into this design.
-VF-143 Pukin Dog

Received my Tomcat "Sundowner" T-Shirt yesterday... great shirt! Quality looks amazing, thanks and aloha!


I received the squadron shirts you made for me on Saturday. I am very impressed with your work. As you said, you did a lot of work on the F-15 and it looks Great! I will wear your shirts proudly!

-426th TFS


I just gotta tell ya, I’ve been on eBay for 17 years; 853 transactions, and NEVER have I encountered a seller as responsive and as customer oriented as your are. Wow!!!
I will recommend you to anyone looking for T-s and other items!Thanks again for all your work !!!

-50th FW & 381st SMW


A couple of weeks ago I received the two VA-75 Sunday Puncher tee shirts which I had ordered only a few days before. Wow, such a fast response and a great product. I bought these for both of my brothers. Here's the backstory of why someone in Lewes, Delaware, might want this particular item! In 1965, my dad was stationed with this squadron when they deployed on board the USS Independence, headed for Vietnam. As I recall, this was the first deployment for a squadron which was flying the brand new A-6 Intruder. My dad was third in the chain of command, but several weeks into the mission, his CO was shot down and to my knowledge his remains still have not been found. A few weeks later the new CO was shot down and captured and spent the next 7-8 years as a POW. These unfortunate circumstances elevated my dad to CO and after several anxious months, and we were never so relieved as when he stepped back on US soil. Neither of my brothers were able to join the Navy, due to vision problems, but we'll never forget the sacrifices that my dad and so many others gave up to protect the freedom of this country. I'll see both my brothers in a few weeks and I can't wait to see their faces when I give them these shirts. There may be a few tears shed in memory of the wonderful years we spent as Navy brats! Thank you very much for your help!

-VA-75 Family member


Just received 2 additional Tee shirts like the one I ordered months ago.

Just to say that the quality of the printing and color on the shirts are the best I have ever seen or ordered on any kind of shirt.

Wish I could say that for your competitors, but I can’t.

Great job,

-Squadron Member

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