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Fighter Squadrons Fighter Groups
Security Police F-35 Lightning II
Fighter Wings B-1B Lancer
Bomb Wings F-22 Raptor
F-15 Eagle / Strike Eagle NAF (Numbered Air Force)
Tactical Fighter Squadron F-4 Phantom
F-117 F-16 Fighting Falcon / Viper
Flight Test Squadrons A-10
Special Operations Squadrons AC-130
Special Operations Wings Weapons Squadrons
Communications Squadron Aggressor Squadrons
F-111 SRS (Strategic Reconnaissance Squadrons)
TASS (Tactical Air Support Squadrons) Bomb Squadrons
B-29 Superfortress Fighter Bomber Wings
Tactical Fighter Wings Tactical Missile Wings
Test Squadrons F-111 Aardvark
Air National Guard F-100 Super Sabre
FIS (Fighter Interceptor Squadrons) Strategic Missile Wings
Flight Test Squadrons KC-135
Air Refueling Wings Air Refueling Squadrons
Airlift Squadrons B-52 Stratofortress
Human Systems Wing Test & Evaluation Squadrons
Tactical Fighter Training Squadron Airlift Wing
C-17 Globemaster Strategic Missile Squadrons (SMS)
Aerial Target Squadron Missile Maintenance Squadrons
Wild Weasels Tac Recon Wings
Space Force (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance)
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